Doorways to Islamic Art

by Sylvia Godlas

Bibliography and Resources

Many of the books listed here are affordable and useful for student projects. Many are available in paperback. Some, however, are large, expensive hardbacks. These works can often be found at the public or university library.

If your budget will afford one costly reference book, be sure to get Paccard's *Traditional Islamic Craft in Moroccan Architecture.* For ceramic tile and tessellation design, refer to Vol. 1. For instructions in carved or chiseled plaster or for projects in wood, refer to Vol. 2. (This set of books is outstanding in content and rich in photos of techniques that demystify processes unfamiliar to the Western artist.)

Acedo, Aurelio Cid. The Alhambra: in detail. Translated by P. S. Grant. Granada: Ediciones Capitel, n.d., (after 1988).

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Boukobza, Andre. La Poterie Marocaine. Paris: Jean-Pierre Taillandier, Sochepress, 1987 (in French only, but where geometric design on pottery is concerned, the pictures say it all.)

Brend, Barbara. Islamic Art. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1991.

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Giorgini, Frank. Handmade Tiles. 144 pp. See Lark Books Catalogue #253. Useful for a project in ceramic tiles and handmade tiles. It gives detailed step by step procedures for producing Islamic type tessellations.

Gluck, Jay, and Sumi Hiramoto Gluck. A Survey of Persian Handicraft. Tehran: Bank Melli Iran, 1977.

Hedgecoe, John, and Salma Samar Damluji. Zillij: The Art of Moroccan Ceramics. Reading, UK: Garnet Publishing Limited, 1992.

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Dover Publications:

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See also:

Shabbas, Audrey. AWAIR Catalogue. Berkeley: AWAIR, annually updated.

Books from the AWAIR Catalogue:

Musˇe 'Art et d'histoire. Islamic Calligraphy/Calligraphie Islamique. Geneva: Treasures of Islam, 1988. Bilingual.

Seymour, Dale, and Jill Barton. Introduction to Tessellations. Palo Alto, CA: Dale Seymour Publications, 1989.

Shabbas, Audrey. A Medieval Banquet in the Alhambra Palace. Berkeley: AWAIR, 1994. 7th through 12th, social studies/across the curriculum.

Shabbas, Audrey, and Ayad Al-Qazzaz, eds. The Arab World Notebook: For the Secondary School Level. Berkeley: Najda, 1990. Loose-leaf binder of some 460 pages of duplicate masters.

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