Beyond both this World and the Hereafter

Not only do many Sufis turn their attention away from thoughts of reaching  Paradise in the Hereafter, but they consider such thinking (as well as thinking of achieving fulfillment through this material world)  to be an obstacle on the Path to God.  In this vein, the Naqshbandi Sufi Wa'iz Kashifi comments on the Qur'anic verses 2:219-20  (219) And God makes clear to you his messages, so that you might reflect (220) on this world and the Hereafter...

[Abu 'Abd al-Rahman] al-Sulami (may God's mercy be upon him) stated, "Reflecting on this world and the Herafter" is that one should know that they are highway robbers (who block the road)."  

The Messenger of God [Muhammad] (may God send blessings and peace upon him) said, "This world is forbidden to the folk of the Hereafter; the Hereafter is forbidden to the folk of this world; and both worlds are forbidden to the folk of God." 

This world and the Hereafter are veils to the lover.
How can desire for them ever be right for the lover?!

From Wa'iz-i Kashifi's Persian commentary on the Qur'an, Mavahib-i 'aliya (vol. 1, p. 80).


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