Populations, Maps, and Countries of the Muslim World

Demographics (Population Statistics) of the Muslim World

  • Country by Country Statistics of Muslim Populations In order to find the country or region you are looking for, scroll down and then at the bottom right hand corner of the page, click to go on to the next page. This is from the website of Adherents.com, which has population statistics on all the world's religions and sects.

    Maps of the Muslim World

  • The Perry-Castaneda Map Archive at the University of Texas at Austin is an excellent comprehensive collection of high-quality maps. The following link is to an Italian mirror of the UT archive.
  • Map of Muslims in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, showing the distribution of Sunni and Shi'i Muslims (Link fixed, October 7, 2001.)
  • Map of the Middle East and North Africa and The Italian mirror site. (Links fixed, October 7, 2001.)
  • A Comprehensive Collection of Maps of the Middle East, most of which were made by the CIA. The map archive at the University of Texas that is the source of all of these maps seems to be experiencing difficulties as of 15 September 1998. In the event of continuing difficulties, go to this Italian mirror of the UT Map archive.
  • Map of Africa (Link fixed, October 7, 2001.)
  • Map of the Caucasus and Central Asia, 1995 (Link fixed, October 7, 2001.)
  • Map of Ethnic Group Distribution in Central Asia (Link fixed, October 7, 2001.)
  • Map of the Chinese-Former USSR Border Region (Chinese Turkestan) (Link fixed, October 7, 2001.)
  • Maps of Afghanistan
  • Historically Related Maps of the Muslim World Collected by Prof. Von Schlegell at the University of Pennsylvania, this is the best collection of its kind on the web. (Link fixed October 24, 2001.)
  • Multimap.com Maps of anywhere in the world.

    Countries of the Muslim World

    Most people in the West think of Islam as a Middle Eastern religion. Nevertheless, Islam is clearly a South Asian, South East Asian, Central Asian, African, and Middle Eastern religion, with a growing presence in Europe and North America.

  • Studies of Countries with Significant Muslim Populations, researched by the U.S. Library of Congress as part of its Area Studies on-line handbook.
  • Encyclopaedia of the Orient is a well-designed and useful reference covering mainly the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library, excellent links for Muslim countries in Asia.
  • Interactive Central Asia Resource Project (ICARP) This is probably the most comprehensive collection of links for all of Central Asia. (Link fixed October 7, 2001.)
  • Web Resources for Central Asia, part of the web site of the Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center (IAUNRC) at Indiana University, contains numerous links to all of the countries in Central Asia as well as links to the region as a whole.
  • Muslim World Internet Resources At this site, there are links to sites concerning most of the countries with significant Muslim populations. A number of Muslim countries are omitted from it, however. Among them are the following Muslim Countries in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), which were former colonies of the Soviet Union:
  • Azerbaijan This link consists of a comprehensive article (with linked maps) describing Azerbaijan and its history. The article, by Adil Baguirov, draws on material from the CIA World Factbook and an article written by Dr. Tadeusz Swietochowski, an authority on Azerbaijan.
  • Kazakstan This site, developed by the Interactive Central Asia Resource Project (ICARP), includes original material and well-organized links. (Link fixed, October 7, 2001.)
  • Krygyzstan This is another ICARP site. (Link fixed, October 7, 2001.)
  • Tajikistan This comprehensive site has articles on all aspects of Tajikistan. The news section is particularly rich.
  • Turkmenistan This link is comprehensive and provides information on many aspects of Turkmenistan.
  • Uzbekistan This site consists of numerous well-organized and comprehenseve links.

    The link to Afghanistan on the Muslim World Internet Resources site is not useful. Instead, see the following:

  • Afghanistan from the Interactive Central Asia Resource Project (ICARP) website. And see also CIA Factbook on Afghanistan

    A number of African countries with significant Muslim populations were omitted from the Muslim World Internet Resources site noted above. These are listed as follows, along with the percentage of their population that is Muslim (a number of the links below were fixed on 16 January 2001):

  • Angola 25%
  • Benin 60%
  • Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta) 44% (Link fixed, 15 January 2001.)
  • Cameroon 21%
  • Chad 52%
  • Eritrea51%
  • Ethiopia 40%
  • Gambia87%
  • Guinea 88%
  • Guinea-Bissau 80%
  • Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire) 55%
  • Liberia 21%
  • Libya 98%
  • Malawi 55%
  • Mali 90%
  • Niger 90%
  • Nigeria 50%
  • Senegal 91%
  • Sierra Leone 80%
  • Tanzania 65%
  • Togo 55%

    Islam in Predominantly Non-Muslim Countries

  • Islam in China 1.44% Muslim, but this equals about 17.6 million Chinese Muslims. (Back on-line 4/28/98)
  • India 12% Muslim, but this is roughly 100 million, the largest number of Muslims in any country, with the exception of Indonesia, which has a Muslim population of about 160 million.

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