Itinerary and Pictures of the UGA-Morocco Summer (Maymester) Program for 2001

(The itinerary for the 2005 program will be similar, although the program will begin around May 12 and end around June 12.)
(Most of the pictures on this website were taken by Larry Rathbun -UGA program student- exceptions noted; to see the pictures, click on the links.)

May 17, Thursday : Fly to Morocco, (a small map of Morocco) leaving Atlanta at 4:25 pm.

May 18, Friday:        

Arrive Frankfurt at 7:20 am; Leave Frankfurt at 9 am,

Arrive Morocco, (a detailed map of Morocco, click on bottom right corner to enlarge) Casablanca Airport 10:30 am.

Depart Casablanca for Marrakech at 12:30 PM

Arrive at Marrakesh 3:30 PM, meet homestay families at the American Language Center


May 19, Saturday morning:

Orientation at ALC followed by Lunch
Here UGA program students are discussing their daily plans at the ALC (American Language Center)


May 20, Sunday morning, Tour of Marrakech
which contains many masterpieces of traditional Moroccan art and architecture, once of which is the Ben Yusuf Madrassah, containing among other things, exquisite cut-tile mosaics and Islamic plasterwork.
Here is a close up of a marvelous example of the Madrassah's traditional Moroccan plasterwork
and also Islamic interlaced geometric designs in metalwork

Sunday afternoon, Introduction to Arabic and Adab


May 21-25, Monday thru Friday, Classes at ALC

May 26 to May 28, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

-         Depart for trip to the southeast of Morocco: Tamagrout, (picture from the web) Dra Valley, Nasiri Zawiya.
After entering the High Atlas mountains, the group stopped under a tree near a mountain stream for a roadside picnic
Not long after crossing the crest of the High Atlas range students paused before an oasis in the Dra Valley against the backdrop of desert peaks). And here the student travellers on the road to Zagora

-         Staying in Zagora on May 26 and 27: Hotel Palmerie. One of the sights near Zagora was the famed Manuscript Library of the Naseriya Zawiya

Outside of Zagora, here we see students riding camels among the desert dunes
Here is Katie (from George Washington University) mounting her camel along with Sharon (from UGA) astride her desert steed.
Just before the the sun set, one of the students, Tariq (from UGA), was nearly caught by a sandstorm.

May 28,  Monday  Return to Marrakesh
via the world historical treasure of the Casbah of Ait ben Haddou, and here again is Casbah of Ait ben Haddou, seen closer up. A few of the more intrepid students chose to go rock the Casbah at its top.

May 29-30  Tuesday, Wednesday Classes at ALC

May 31, Thursday 

            Day trip to Tinmal (picture from the web)

June 1-2  Friday, Saturday Classes at ALC

            June 2, 2:30   General discussion about program so far

            6 pm, photo op with homestay parents

            7 pm, concert of Moroccan music

June 4, Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:

-         Travel to Casablanca (visit the Hassan Thani Mosque, which is the second largest mosque in the world --seen here at night [mosque pictures from the web] ) and Rabat (Chillah, Tour Hassan)
In Rabat our group entered the Merinid fortress called the Chellah Here is a close-up of the Chellah Gate
Within the Chellah, students (and Moroccans, seen here) visited a pool containing sacred eels and regarded by some Moroccans as possessing special baraka (spiritual power).

-         June 4, Hotel Royale, Rabat

June 5, Tuesday - depart for Fes from Rabat - arrive in Fes early afternoon

            Volubolus, ancient Roman ruins, where the students attended to a Sufi music and dhikr performance of the Hamadsha Sufi order, part of the Fez Sacred Music Festival. On the way to Volubolus, we visited the shrine city of Mulay Idris. (picture from the web)

            -Fes, June, 5, 6, 7, Hotel Ibis Misafir


June 6, Wednesday  

            Tour of Fes,
where students visited a madrassah,
made their way through the often narrow streets (where we found one of students, Brendan, from the University of Charleston)
Among the sites of Fes was an old funduq, a traditional hotel where travellers, usually out of town traders, would temporarily reside.

            Visit Merinid Tombs, where we had a nice view of the sunset over Fes.


June 7, Thursday Fes

            Tour Fes

            Fatima Siddiqui, talk and discussion on women in Morocco


June 8, Friday  return to Marrakech   

            On the way, stop at the English language university, al-Akhawayn
In the vast suq (marketplace) in Marrakech, there are many local crafts available for purchase at reasonable prices. Here, having taken time off from her medical school program in Ireland to attend our program, Darwina bargained for drums.


June 9, Saturday

            Class in the morning ALC

            In Marrakech, the most well known of its architectural features is the Minaret of the Kutubiyah Mosque
Tour of the tombs of the 7 saints of Marrakech


June 10, Sunday

            Day trip to the Shrine of Sitt Fatima, in the Mountains outside of Marrakech, Urika.
After a nice walk in the pleasant mountain air, the caretaker of the shrine served us tea and lunch.


June 11-12  Monday, Tuesday

            Classes at ALC

June 13, Wednesday

-         Leave Marrakech –

-         Arrive Casablanca, Fly to Frankfurt at 1:40 pm.,

-         Arriving Frankfurt at 7:15 pm.

-         Hotel Steigenberger

June 14, Thursday

            -- Fly out of Frankfurt 10:25 am, arriving Atlanta at 2:20 pm. June 14.