Post-Acceptance Documents


If you are accepted into the program, please follow the instructions listed below:

1) If you are a UGA student you should **FIRST** contact your advisor and find out when the earliest date is when he/she will be able to clear you for SUMMER registration. If possible, make an appointment for that date. Then after your advisor clears you, you should register immediately for all three classes (Arabic 4000, Religion 4310, and Religion 4311) of our program on OASIS.

Registering for Maymester abroad classes is different than registration for ordinary classes. See the instructions especially prepared for our program by the registrar's office at registering_oasis.html (for online reading); or at registering_for_oasis.docx (for an MS Word document that is downloadable)

If you are not a UGA student, you must follow the instructions for transient students at this link, in addition to the instructions below.

Note for non-UGA students: At the above link, you will find a link to

(1) the Mandatory Certificate of Immunizations,

(2)TB Risk Assessment, and

(3)TB Screening Questionnaire.

You must also fill them in (with your Dr.'s or health care provider's signature) and (if at all possible) FAX it to the UGA Health Center at 706-542-4959. Then, immediately after you FAX it, call 706-542-8617 in order to FOLLOW UP and confirm that your certificate has been received. If you don't have access to a FAX machine, then make a copy of your certificate (in case it is lost in the mail) and send the original to the UGA Health Center at the address on the form (but then you will need to allow five days or so for your certificate to arrive, after which time you should call the above number to confirm that your certificate has arrived and that you have been cleared). Additional instructions are given in detail at the above link. Filling out, getting the appropriate signatures, FAXing them in, and FOLLOWING UP are very important; the university's system will block you from registering for our classes until the Health Center has cleared your record so that you can become registered. If you are applying to your university's financial aid office for assistance, they may not take any steps toward granting you aid until you have become registered. So if the UGA Health Center has not cleared you, that will hold up your registration, which will in turn hold up your financial aid package. Right after you have faxed (or about five days later if you have sent it in) to the UGA Health Center your Mandatory Certificate of Immunizations along with the various required signatures, call the Health Center at 706-542-8617 to confirm that they have have cleared you. Then email Dr. Godlas at , letting him know that you have been cleared.

2) Both UGA and non-UGA students, as soon as you have been accepted into the UGA-Morocco program, the Bursar's office will assess a $200 non-refundable application fee. Please reread **the information about costs**; then please pay the balance (which for the year 2014 is $4200) directly to the Bursar's office at Note that this $4200 neither includes your tuition nor your airfare. You should ideally pay the balance of your program fee as soon as Dr. Godlas has informed you that the Bursar's office will accept payment, but no later than March 1. You can pay this online by credit card, but credit cards are not accepted if you pay in person. You can also send it in to the Bursar's office by certified or express mail--this way you have a tracking number in case the university loses it. Exceptions to these deadlines may be made for late applicants if there is still space available. Note: please carefully make your checks out in accordance with the instructions.

You can pay in the following ways:
a) in person with a check **PAYABLE TO the UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA** at the Bursar's office on 424 E. Broad Street. Put your 810 student ID on the check/money order.

b) by mailing a check **PAYABLE TO the UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA** to the UGA Bursar's Office, 424 E. Broad Street, Athens, GA 30602-4227. Put your 810 student ID on the check/money order.

c) by paying on line with a credit card. (This is better than in previous years, when only checks were acceptable.) After you are notified by Dr. Godlas that you should download, fill in, and send in your post-acceptance documents, the Bursar’s office should be ready for you to exercise this option.

There are a few other ways you can pay as well: See Instructions for paying the Bursar (on the Bursar's website).

3) After you have paid your full program fee, please email me and let me know. Instructions concerning the airfaire will be emailed to participants by Dr. Godlas.

4) In addition, UGA students should register on OASIS and pay tuition as soon as registration on OASIS becomes available. The deadline for registration is April 7 (although exceptions can be made, such as for students on financial aid that is not released until mid-April).  This year we are offering a program of 9 credit hours, all of which are required. See the main web page of the program for more information on our three classes .


5)  If you are a UGA student and have a HOPE scholarship, you must fill out the Financial Aid Office's Change in Aid Form and submit it electronically in order for HOPE to pay your tuition. If you are not a UGA student but are on HOPE, you must fill out "HOPE Scholarship Eligibility Certificate for Transient Study" from your university and have it sent to the UGA financial aid. It may be available on your Financial Aid Office's website, and you may be able to submit it online at your institution's website.


6) Please click on the following documents to download them, then fill them out, sign them, and then send them in or bring them in to Dr. Godlas, or FAX them to him at 706-542-6724 if you have not already done so.

He must have them signed and in his possession before the orientation, which will occur in the second week of April.


A detailed tentative itinerary will be emailed on February 7.


7) The following letter is for your parents, spouses, or relatives, or concerned friends:


8) Note also the emergency numbers that are included on the website of the program:


And note as well the contact information of the Center for Language and Culture (CLC) in Marrakech, which will be our home base.

Center for Language and Culture
Angle des Rues Khalid b. Oualid et Sourya
Quartier Essaadia
(en face de l'Ecole Essaadia "les Soeurs")
Guéliz, Marrakech
Tel: +212 (0) 254 447 691



9) The following is the url of the orientation handbook, please read it before the orientation, noting down any questions you might have so that you can ask these questions during the orientation. You can download it by clicking on the following link

or you can read the handbook online by clicking here

Also please read over our description of the homestays, which includes a note on alcoholic beverages and on gifts. You can download it by clicking on the following link

or click on the following link in order to read online the description of homestays.