Registration for UGA Students for the UGA-Morocco Maymester Program



·  Before registering you will need to go to your advisor and have him or her clear you to register specifically for the Summer (the Maymester being included in the Summer), although you will be unable to register until you have paid your program fee.

·The deadline for registration is April 15 (although exceptions can be made, such as for students on financial aid that is not released until after that date). In 2014, registration for Maymester/Summer starts April 2 (for Honors students) until April 15, as it states on the Registrar's calendar here: and look at the "registration date" for Summer of the particular year, such as the link for Summer/Maymester 2014 , where one can find the date when one can register, depending on one's status and, in particular, the number of credit hours that one has completed previously.

·  Also, if you are a freshman or sophomore, you will be blocked from registering until Dr. Godlas gives your name to the secretary in the Religion department so that she can clear you.

·  If you are not a regular UGA student (i.e. if you are a transient student), you will not be able to register until you have faxed the "Mandatory Certificate of Immunization" (see ) to nurses at the UGA student health center so that they can clear you for registering.


Then, to register you will need to sign into OASIS . From the main OASIS menu select "Registration Main Menu." You will then need to choose “change term” and select "Summer Term" (which is the #2).  From the Registration Menu select "Register or adjust schedule." Then click the "ENTER" key on your keyboard so you can leave the screen that gives information about dates of various terms. Then, on the new window that appears, you will have the option: To add a course to your schedule. So to add a course, click "Add a Course."


At this point you will have two options on how to register for your classes.


The first is by course prefix. This is option 1. 


1. Select Studies Abroad/Field Experiences in the box with radio buttons. It is the third option.

2. Then select the course prefix from the pull-down menu.

Example: ARAB for Arabic

2b. (optional) Enter a course number to start browsing at that course.

            Example: 4000 to go directly to ARAB 4000

3. Click 'GO'.

4. You will then see all studies abroad classes for that Prefix. If you selected a course number then you will see all the classes for that prefix starting with the course number entered. 

5. Once you find your course click on the call number and title of the course to highlight it (this information is in the second column.) Then click on the green add course button on the top left.

6. Repeat this for every course you wish to add to your schedule.


The second option is by call number. This is option 3.You must know the call number of the course to use this option. The call number is a 5 digit number assigned to a course.


  1. Enter the 5 digit call number of the course you wish to add on option 3. Then click 'GO'.

Example: enter 91653 for ARAB 4000


You can use either method to register for the following classes (all of which are required classes in the Maymester):


Call #: 91653         Course ID: ARAB 4000           MOROCCAN ARABIC

Call #: 71652         Course ID: RELI 4310             ISLAM IN MOROCCO

Call #: 43939         Course ID: RELI 4311    INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE ABROAD


If you need assistance registering or have questions about OASIS please contact the Office of the Registrar at 706-542-4040 or e-mail .