Useful Tools for Research, Writing, Cyberwork, and Political Action

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On-line Library Catalogues and Resources
Downloadable Arabic Library for Research
Guides for Writing Papers
On-line Dictionaries, Thesauri, and Translators
Searching the Web
General News, News of the Muslim World, and Cyber-Virus Hoax News
Cyberwork: HTML Tools, UNIX, etc.
Political Action: Find and Email Your Representatives in the US Congress
UGA Administrative Pages

On-Line Library Catalogues and Resources

  • MELVYL, the catalogue of the University of California system, is an excellent on-line catalogue--especially for Arabic and Persian books.
  • Pathfinder (aka GLADIS) is the online catalogue of the University of California, Berkeley. Some years ago, GLADIS had a lot of material that was not on MELVYL. This may still be the case.

  • The Library of Congress On-line Catalogue

  • University of Georgia Library Catalogue

  • GALILEO gives you access to WorldCat/OCLC for searching a comprehensive database of most major libaries in the US (and a few abroad) and access to numerous databases particularly useful for researching current journals. You can only access this if you are a UGA student, staff, or faculty member. If you need to access GALILEO from off-campus, you need the password. You can get that if you know your barcode, which is on the back of your student or faculty id. Once you have your barcode, click here and fill in your barcode and your last name. That will allow you to access your library account page, where you will see the GALILEO password.
    After you know the password, you type it in the GALILEO password box (which you will see after you click on Galileo (link fixed 20 August, 2005)).
    Then, after hitting your "enter" key, click on the databases category labeled "Reference Sources."
    Then, click on "World Cat."

  • UGA Interlibrary Loan Request Form (link fixed 20 August, 2005) This is only for UGA faculty, staff, and students. You will be prompted for a user name and password. For the user name, type "ill" (without the quotation marks and in lowercase letters). The password is the same as the password for off-campus access to GALILEO. See above for instructions for obtaining your GALILEO password.

  • Middle East and Islamic World Film Archive This archive, at the University of North Carolina, is the largest --at any American university-- of films dealing with the Middle East and the Muslim world.

  • National Gallery of Art This image databank allows various forms of searching.

  • Orazio Centaro's Art Images on the Web - Painters" A vast image bank of Western art.

  • Power Reporting: Resources for Journalists is an extensive online directory of useful links enabling one to find facts on a vast array of subjects.

    Downloadable Arabic Research Library

    Al-Muhaddith Islamic Library for research in Arabic primary sources in Islamic Studies.

    Guides for Writing Papers

  • Elements of Style by William Strunk is the classic writer's guide. This edition has been formatted for the Web. Students should pay particular attention to the sections on the paragraph and topic sentence.
  • How to Write a Paper, by P. Halsall, discusses the basic steps involved in writing a paper.
  • MLA Manuscript Format (in html) and MLA Based Guide for Writing Research Papers (PDF document, link fixed 25 Nov., 2005). This will answer most questions concerning the proper formatting of a research paper. The basis steps in writing such papers are also discussed.
  • How to Write a Thesis Statement
  • Paragraphs and Topic Sentences
  • How Do I Write a Coherent Paragraph and Make Transitions? from the Academic Resource Center, Wheeling Jesuit University. The section on "topic sentences" is particularly useful.
  • Rhodes College Writing Center Guide to Writing Papers
  • The Writing Guide, developed by Prof. Carolyn Schriber of Rhodes College, is an excellent guide to the basics of constructing an expository essay (also, it is here as an MS Word doc.)
  • Chicago Manual of Style Online I recommend this as a guideline for properly formatting the documentation of a paper. (Fixed March, 2007.)
  • Doing College-level Research, with Advice on Avoiding the Plagiarism Question by Prof. Margaret Maurer with Prof. Constance Harsh (Colgate University).

    On-line Dictionaries, Thesauri, and Translators

  • Bartletts Quotations and the New Bartleby Library for researching familiar quotations from English literature.
  • Hypertext Webster (English)
  • Merriam Webster (English)
  • I-tools a number of tools for research on the web. This subpage includes search engines for a variety of dictionaries: English, computing, rhyming and pronounciation dictionaries. It is also contains a few thesauruses and a language translator)
  • Roget's Thesaurus (English, Indexed)
  • Roget's Thesaurus (English, Searchable)
  • French Dictionary Fr-Eng/Eng-Fr.
  • German Dictionary Ger-Eng/Eng-Ger.
  • Spanish Dictionary
  • Alta Vista Translation Service "Babel Fish" automatically translates English into French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portugese and vice-versa. You can give it text or simply a url.

    Searching the Web

  • Web Archive The place to go if you can't find where a webpage has migrated and if it appears that the webpage is no longer on the web.
  • MetaCrawler Another Mega-search engine.
  • Google Search, a mega-search engine.
  • Profusion is a meta-search engine that can search nine engines altogether.
  • Yahoo
  • Alta Vista
  • WebCrawler
  • HotBot
  • Lycos
  • Excite
  • LookSmart
  • UGA web page The main page for UGA.
  • UGA Website Search Engines
  • Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial Developed at the University of California, this site gives many useful tips on how to skillfully search the Web.

    General News, News of the Muslim World, and Cyber-Virus Hoax News

  •, News from Eurasia, including the Turko-Iranian world, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Russia, and the Balkans.
  • New York Times: World News
  • Search PBS Online
  • CNN World News One can configure this so as to receive news of the particular areas or countries of the world in which one is interested.
  • Anti-Virus Hoax Warnings page by the computer security company "F-Secure" lists and describes the "virus hoax" warnings that your well-intentioned friends will often send you. You can also find information on actual viruses through this page. (The University of Georgia is a client of theirs and distributes their virus protection software free to all students, employees, and faculty at UGA.)
  • F-Secure Virus Information Contains an immense list of all known viruses, their description, and their cures.
  • Symantec/Norton Encyclopedia of All Known Viruses
  • Virus Encyclopedia

    Cyberwork: MOOs, HTML Tools, UNIX, etc.

  • GIF Cruncher (link fixed 20 August, 2005) A great tool for diminishing the size of your gifs so that they will load faster.
  • WebCT Homepage at UGA The UGA online learning environment.
  • An Online Tutorial for WebCT Developers WebCT is the environment used for online classes at UGA. This is a pdf file.
  • Student Resources for learning WebCT the online learning environment at the University of Georgia (UGA).
  • John Unsworth's Page A Nice use of tables This is a useful example for webpage developers.
  • Basic Unix Commands
  • Net Mechanic This is an extraordinary piece of on-line software that will check all of the links on your web page(s) and email you the URL where you can get its report.
  • Submit URL to Altavista
  • Submit URL to HotBot (needs updating)
  • Submit URL to Lycos
  • Submit URL to InfooSeek (Try during business hours Pacific Time.)
  • Submit URL to Excite
  • Current UGA Computer Lab Availability-- updated every 5-10 minutes.

    Political Action: Find and Email Your Representatives in the US Congress

  • Representatives of Georgia and Georgia's 12th Congressional District (Athens)
  • Find and Email Your Representatives in Congress

    UGA Web Pages for Various Schedules and Deadlines

  • Final examination schedule 2004, UGA and Key Dates for Spring 2004 at UGA.
  • Academic Calendar

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