Ruzbihan al-Baqli's (d. 606/1209) Commentary on "Guide us on the straight path" (Qur'an 1:6) from his Qur'an commentary (tafsir), 'Ara'is al-bayan, edited in the original Arabic and translated by A. Godlas. 

God's words--may He be exalted: Guide us on the straight path, namely, Guide us  to what You desire of us; because the straight path is what God (al-Haqq) wants from creation, namely the qualities of truthfulness  and sincerity  in servanthood  and service.  Also, Direct us to the state in which You are.  In addition, Direct us to gnosis of You, so that we can rest from [28] our observances , by the fresh breeze of Your intimacy and the truths of Your beauty.  Also,  Guide us  to Your I-ness, so that we may become attributed with Your attributes.  

It was said that the meaning of Guide us  is: "Make our hearts incline to You; establish our aspirations before You; and Be our guide from You, to You, in order that we not become cut off from what is Yours, by You."   It was said, "Guide us on the straight path  means: Direct us on the way of gnosis, in order that we be steadfast with You in Your service." .... It was said, "Guide us , namely: Show us the way of gratitude (al-shukr) [Sulami: intimacy with You (unsika)], so that we can rejoice and exult in nearness to You" ....  It was said, "Guide us  by the annihilation of our attributes, on the way to Your attributes, which have neither ceased, nor will they ever cease" .... It was said, "Guide us  with manifest guidance, after elucidation, in order that we may become steadfast for You, in love of Your will." ....  It was said, "Guide us  with the guidance of the one whose origin is from You so that his end may be with You" ....  And it was said, "Guide us on the straight path by [Divine] absence from the path, so that one might not be tied to the path" .... Junayd (d. 298/910) said, "When the Sufis  sought guidance regarding the bewilderment  that comes overs them from within while they are witnessing the attributes of pre-eternality, they sought guidance toward the qualities of servanthood in order not to become drowned in the vision of the  attributes of pre-eternality."  [from Sulami (d. 412/1021), Haqa'iq al-tafsir, ms. Baladiya, f. 6b] 
One of them said,[29] "We have set out towards You, so keep us aright."   It was said, "Guide us  with strength and firmness.".... Husayn [ibn Mansur al-Hallaj] (d. 309/922)  said, "In His words Guide us on the straight path, He said,...the way of loving  You and the way of striving to reach You." .... Shibli (d. 334/945) said "Guide us on the straight path, the path of the saints and the purified." .... One of them said, "Direct us to obedience to You, just as You have directed us to knowledge of Your unity." .... 'Ali ibn Abi Talib (d. 40/661) --may God be pleased with him--said, "Guide us, [namely] establish us on the way in which there is no crookedness, and that is Islam."  .... And it was said, "Guide us, in the world, to acts of obedience, and convey  us in the hereafter to the [lofty] degrees (darajat)."  [from Sulami, Ziyadat, ed. Bowering, 1995, p. 6] 
The Master [al-Qushayri (d. 465/1074) in Lata'if al-isharat]  said,  "Guide us on the straight path, namely, eliminate from us the darkness of our states, so that we can become illuminated by the lights of Your sanctity and leave behind having been overshadowed by the shadows of our seeking. And raise from us the shadow of our striving, so that we can gain vision by the stars of Your generosity and find You through You."  [from Qushayri, Lata'if al-isharat, ed. Basyuni, vol. 1, p. 50] 

 And 'Ali ibn Abi Talib said, "Guide us, namely, establish us on the straight way and the sound, well-trodden road ." 

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