The Role of Islam in Nigeria

The following collection of articles by an erudite Nigerian Muslim banker and thinker, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi (email: and ), represents a progressive but not simply liberal application of Islam in contemporary Nigeria. 

The Hudood Punishments in the Northern Nigeria: A Muslim Criticism, dated October 1, 2002, and prepared for publication in ISIM NEWS, the quarterly publication of the Institute for the Study of Islam in Modernity, Leiden, Holland.

Shariacracy in Nigeria: The Intellectual Roots of Islamist Discourses, written in October 2001 as a contribution to Akin Osuntokun's book Abacha and Beyond.

“Islam, Probity And Accountability: A Critical Essay in History, Philosophy & Law,”  written December 3, 2000.

“Shariah and the Woman Question,” written sometime after Aug 18, 2000    (transfer interuppted)

“Institutional Framework of Zakat: Dimension and Implications,” written February 12, 2000.

“On the Islamisation of Politics & the Politicisation of Islam” (revised)   written sometime after June 12, 1998, building on his paper “The Muslim Activist and  Multi-religious opposition”

“Religion, The Cabinet And A Political Economy Of The ‘North’”

“The Shariah Debate:  A Muslim Intervention”

“Islam, Christianity and Nigerian Politics: A tribute to Thomas Paine (1737-1809)”

“The Islamic Movement: The Real Issues, A response to D. S. Yola”  (written sometime after November 13, 1998) who was responding to a paper of his that was a continuation of an earlier paper “The Muslim Activist and Multi-Religious Opposition.”

“Non-Muslims in a Contemporary Islamic State”  (responding to Yola’s article of Dec. 18, 1998)

“Between the Shariah and ‘Barbarism’ ” (link fixed 20 August, 2005.)


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