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Sufism: General Resources, Bibliographies, Weblinks, Article, Discussion Groups

  • Sufism: An Annotated Resource Guide is an excellent bibliographical page compiled by a librarian with particular knowledge of Sufism. It includes beautiful Islamic calligraphies. (Fixed April 4, 2007)

  • For a scholarly overview of Sufism, see Encyclopedia Britannica: Sufism (written by Prof. Anne-Marie Schimmel, one of the foremost academic authorities on Sufism; link fixed Jan. 1, 2002, but aside from a short definition the full text of the article is only available to paid subscribers to the online Britannica, among which are usually libraries, or to individuals for free for a two-week period).

  • Habib's Sufi Related Resources is a comprehensive source of Sufi links.

  • The Yahoo Sufism Index-Link (Fixed, 10/15/98 and 6/7/02)

  • Islamic Sufi Orders on the Web (link fixed June 7, 2002) An excellent page by Fariduddien Rice that briefly describes and provides links to some of the Islamic Sufi orders that have web pages. See also the Table of Contents to his entire Islam and Sufism site. (Link fixed June 7, 2002).

  • Articles on Sufi Psychology and Sufism This contains articles from a wide variety of Sufi shaykhs, mostly contemporary.

  • Sufism and Psychiatry by the psychiatrist Arthur Deikman, M.D., was one of the first articles written about the interface of Sufism with Western psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy. Deikman was strongly influenced by Idries Shah, a proponent of non-Islamic Sufism.

  • Sufis Without Borders is a international discussion group on Sufism. Currently with over 700 members worldwide, there are many great human resources (connected with a wide variety of Sufi orders and having various perspectives) who can answer all sorts of questions concerning Sufism. Moderated by Dr. Godlas and a number of Sufis around the world from different Sufi orders.

    Sufi Bookstores and Sufi Book Publishers

  • Fons Vitae publishes high quality books on Islam, Sufism, and spirituality.

  • Threshold Books for books on Sufism, consciousness, and traditional wisdom-- from the Threshold Society, headed by Kabir and Camille Helminski.

  • Kazi Publications On-line Catalog has for sale one of the best stocks of Sufi books and books on Islam(link fixed 20 August, 2005).

  • Sufi Books has an excellent stock of books on Sufism and Islamic Studies.

  • Almiraj Sufi Books, located in Australia, specializes in mail-order books on Sufism, Islam, and comparative spirituality.(Link fixed, February, 2004.)

  • Jahan Books (link fixed 20 August, 2005) Has a very large selection of books on Sufism in Persian.

  • Moon Over Medina: A Sufi Bookstore publishes and sells five Sufi texts. Their site also contains some useful on-line articles.

    Sufism Journals

  • Journal of the History of Sufism is a new international academic journal containing articles written in French and English by scholars of Sufism.

  • Sufism: An Inquiry is an online version of the journal of the same name published by the International Association of Sufism. The authors of its articles are largely devotees of Sufism and Sufi shaykhs, rather than academic scholars.

    Sufi News, Events, and Conferences

  • Sufi News and Sufism World Report is the only comprehensive news source for events related to Sufism around the world. Updated daily.

  • Conference: Sufism and the Christian East October 18-20, 2001. Although this conference has occured, many of the talks are available and a book of conference proceedings will soon be published. (Fixed Feb. 4, 2003)

    Sufi Personals and Sufi Marriage Ads

  • Sufi Personals and Marriage Ads Periodically, over the years, readers of this website have asked me to put together a Sufi Personals and Sufi Marriage Ads website. Finally a friend has taken the initiative and created such a page for those seeking a Sufi husband or a Sufi wife.

    Miscellaneous Sufi Links

  • Review of Prof. Fritz Meier's Essays on Islamic Mysticism and Piety This is a lengthy and detailed review that appeared on the Word Trade website. Meier, a Swiss scholar, was one of the most important scholars of Sufism in the twentieth century.

  • Serving the Guest: a Sufi Cookbook and Art Gallery, by Kathleen Seidel, is both a tastefully done, aesthetically delightful, and spiritually enlightening online book of Sufi cookery for feeding the body and the soul, as well as an online museum of Islamic art for feasting with one's eyes.
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