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Sufi Qur'an Commentary (Sufi Tafsir)

  • Sufi Qur'an Commentary: A Survey of the Genre Written by Dr. Godlas in its original form for publication in the Encyclopaedia Iranica, this comprehensive multi-page article discusses the major works of Sufi Qur'an commentary. Note that this is under construction, but the link is now functional. (The instructions for downloading the necessary font--for users of Windows using either MS Explorer or Netscape and a formatting error that prevented Netscape users from viewing proper font--have been fixed as of March 1, 2001.) In response to reader requests (on account of difficultly with the original font, I have reformatted the article "Sufi Qur'an Commentary" in Unicode. If you do not have a full unicode font already installed on your computer, instructions for downloading are included on the first page of the reformatted article.

  • "Guide us on the straight path" (Qur'an 1:6) in the Sufi Qur'an commentary 'Ara'is al-bayan (The Brides of Explanation) by Ruzbihan al-Baqli (d. 606/1209) (See below.)

  • "Faith" in the Tafsir of Kashifi, a 9th/15th century Naqshbandi. He weaves together material from Khwajah Baha' al-Din Naqshband, Junayd al-Baghdadi, and Mawlana Jalal al-Din Rumi.

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