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for the
Interdisciplinary Studies of the Islamic World


Information about Donations to the UGA VCISIW

Your donations will support the development of the UGA Virtual Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of the Islamic World (VCISIW), including the ongoing development and updating of Dr. Godlas' acclaimed website Islam and Islamic Studies Resources. In addition, donations to the VCISIW will support a number of specific functions of the VCISIW:
  • the teaching at UGA of Arabic (currently an Arabic minor is offered and an Arabic major is in the works);
  • the development of teaching programs at UGA in other languages spoken and written by Muslims such as Persian, Turkish, Urdu, and Malay;
  • improving course offerings concerning the Islamic world and Islam from the perspectives of various academic disciplines such as (but not limited to) sociology, political science, religion, art, music, literature, economics, history, women's studies, and law;
  • facilitating UGA faculty teaching and research interests in the Muslim world;
  • scholarships for students;
  • increasing library holdings in books and periodicals in languages of the Islamic world.
  • arranging for guest lectures at UGA of experts in fields of study relevant to the VCISIW.

    Instructions for Making Donations

    Donation by Credit Card Online
    To donate by credit card online, please read through (and perhaps print out) these instructions and then do the following:
    1) Click on the secure link to the Online gift by credit card Or you can just go straight to step #2.
    2) There you will see a link Make A Gift. After clicking on that link, a secure page will appear in a new window (so you can go back to this page and read the instructions again, if necessary). There you will see the link the question "Where would you like your gift directed?" To its right you will see a label "Academic Unit." To the right of the box you will see the first academic unit listed, "Annual Fund." But on the far right of that, you will see a downward pointing arrow. Click on that downward pointing arrow, scroll down to "Miscellaneous Accounts" and click on it.
    3) Then, next to the label "Department" you will see the first department listed, which is "Academic Affairs," and a downward pointing arrow located at the right of the box. Click on that downward pointing arrow and scroll down to "Virtual Ctr Islamic World Studies" and click on it.
    4) Then click on the amount that you would like to contribute; and
    5) Click "Add to my cart," which is in red at the bottom of the page.
    6) On the page that appears, click on "check out" at the bottom of the page (if the information about your donation is correct) and follow the instructions on the subsequent pages.

    Donation by Check
    If you wish to make a donation by check, please make it payable to the University of Georgia Foundation. Please be sure to indicate on your check "VCISIW" or "Virtual Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of the Islamic World." Mail your checks to the following address:

    The University of Georgia
    Foundation Building
    Gifts Receiving Department
    Athens, GA 30602

    If you wish to make gifts of stock or property please contact Judy Lewis at (706) 542-4658 or via e-mail

    Donations are tax deductible. See the Georgia Fund Gift Page for information on giving and types of gifts.

    Please contact the Franklin College Development Office at (706) 542-1168 for additional information.

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